Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies that do not have the resources to achieve a strategic goal internally can realize the full potential for growth and endure competitive advantage by pursuing inorganic expansion in the form of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). The purpose of M&A activity is to stimulate and accelerate business growth, gain competitive advantages, increase market share, influence supply chains and obtain access to new technologies.
M&A transactions involve taking critical decisions, stitching together deal strategy, undertaking diligence, integration planning & execution to realise optimum results. The complexity of M&A transactions demand significant focus and allocation of skilled and dedicated advisors who can recognize threats and prospects and add value throughout the lifecycle of a deal. The potential rewards are high, but so are the risks. At Strat-Aegis, we have all the ingredients to support the M&A transactions through industry, operational, and technology expertise of our team and partner eco-system.

The key considerations to arrive at our approach to a transaction involve –

  • Treating M&A from a strategic capability perspective rather than a transaction or deal perspective, thus helping deliver a competitive advantage.
  • Develop target acquisition pipeline to meet specific objectives of the Company while considering their internal capabilities as a business owner, to delivery its strategy and add value to its targets and determine measurable impact on the market share, customer segment and product development.
  • Regularly updating expectations on synergies between the buyer and the target prior to and during integration to ensure adherence of the established deal process whilst appreciating unique attributes and requirements of the deal.
  • Undertake financial due diligence along with strategic due diligence, testing the conceptual rationale for a deal and ascertain whether the future operating model is achievable.

Our Service Offering –

  • We take lead across the transaction lifecycle with a focus on technology and operations—from strategy, analysis and planning all the way to integration and optimization. We help the Client navigate through the transaction complexities through our tailor-made services and approach in areas such as below –
    • Sell-side and Buy-side representation
    • Transaction valuation, negotiation, and structuring
    • Deal closing coordination, pre-close integration planning and post-close integration execution including business continuity plan and readiness, synergy realisation, risk mitigation, organisation culture and communication, go-to market and customer interface
    • Confidential and targeted process
    • Assistance and guidance through the entire transaction.
  • We help our clients in their journey of Cross-border fund raising and support prospective FDI by cross border entrants.
  • We provide Industry specialist advisory to our Clients and support evaluation of transactions based on rich and varied industry expertise of our Team.

At Strat-Aegis, our endeavour is to help Clients accelerate their transition timeline, maximize synergy capture, minimize risks associated with complex transactions and integration and unlock Real value.