Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Some of the key present-day challenges in the manufacturing industry and possible approaches to address them are -

  • Improve Operational Efficiency and throughput to maximize contribution.
  • Process Quality Monitoring through online SPC, QA and Problem Analysis and countermeasures.
  • Asset Management through real time digital tools to increase Up time
  • Connected supply chain to bring in visibility of Inbound and out bound material movement.
  • Improved Safety through Access control, Human movement and machine condition monitoring
  • Integrating various IT Systems within the organization to have coherent data collection and control for a Synchronous Manufacturing.

The implementation of the identified approaches by the Companies often require additional resource allocation and relevant skill set which may not be possible in many instances considering the complexity of the nature of operations.

In this context, Mudita Strat-Aegis has tied up as an elite partner with Hexagon technologies, a global major in software solutions in Design, Industry 4.0 and Metrology. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions from design & engineering to production & metrology to make manufacturing smarter. Design software such as Romax and Nastran are the flag ship products in an array of software’s including PLM, QMS and S& OP areas.

The key benefits from these solutions include Increase in productivity, Reduced idle time, Realtime Process control including tool compensation, Online SPC, Condition based Monitoring of assets and Predictive capabilities using AI.

Our approach involves the following steps –

  • Identify problem and define the future state and deliverables, including solutions for Welding, machining, forging, casting and plastic molding areas.
  • Develop system architecture and provide relevant software & Hardware (including retro fitment of Legacy M/c’s).
  • Collect Real time data & provide analytics in the areas of Manufacturing, Quality & Process control, Asset Management and CBM with AI capabilities. Analytics is relayed to all digital devices in real time.